Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bored, bored, bored....

Our first run of amber syrup
Well I had the carpal tunnel surgery two days ago. Things seem to be going fine, although I'm limited in many ways. Hefting buckets, hay bales, shoveling (snow and manure) are all definitely out for now. So I'm biding my time, bored by the inactivity, and looking forward to spring riding when the ice is gone, the days are long, and my fuzzy boy won't have to spend nights indoors.

So today, I'm watching the sap boil, hoping to get a second batch of maple syrup--3 oz. for John, 3 pints for me. He's not the syrup afficionado that I am--but he certainly throws his heart into it for my benefit! Since I'm relegated to the bench, I can keep an eye on the boiling sap, do laundry, and catch up on my reading--oh, and watch season 3 of Downton Abbey--any fans out there?

I can also waste time surfing the internet for farms I can't afford, saddles I'd love to own, and dogs needing adoption. Have any of you fellow OTTB owners followed the 100 Days Retired Racehorse Retraining Project? I picked Suave Jazz as the horse I'd most like to own. Declan's Moon, half-brother to Harley, sounded like a tough nut--must be the Malibu Moon trait!

The days are getting longer, the snows wetter, the sun stronger. Spring will be here in a couple of weeks.


  1. WOW...recovery continues for ya gal!
    I sure hope the surgery helps!

    Sounds as though you are doing* all *you can, for now..and like my mare's injury is good that this too, for you, is during a time of down turned weather. BLESS YOUR LOVING, HARD WORKING SOUL JOHN!
    I would send you some $ for just one jar of that delicious maple delight! I am envious that you can do that very cool!

    ***LOVE*** Downton Abbey!
    My man even has begun to watch, and also has become opinionated with the family quirks! I have not bawled my eyes out AS MUCH as in season 3! You've not seen the glorious,tragical, season's- cliff hanger- of 3 yet? A bit shocking...again, I truly bawled my eyes OUT!

  2. Get better soon! Harley needs his mama again!

    I haven't watched Downton Abbey - a few minutes here and there and then I ran away because I knew I would become addicted. Totally my kind of thing. But with so little time these days...and three lonely ponies, I have to avoid the tv for awhile. I will def. get it from the library and watch later in life.

    1. It's what one does when they are sitting around, icing their hand, waiting for the OK to ride again--plus half of my coworkers are waiting for the "staff only" copy to move on down the queue. Yes, it's addictive, but DVD's are my only television.

  3. HAHA! Good thing it is on our tellie tube at 10 PM!!!
    Not much else to do right then in the nighttime!
    Except sleep*** and ready ones self to ride a few horses, the next sunrise!


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