Sunday, March 10, 2013

Back in the saddle, but on a different horse

With such wonderful weather, who could resist not riding, gimpy hand or not? Actually, it's doing pretty well and the sternum appears to have healed up nicely--no more stabbing pain if I sneeze. John and I agreed that Rolex Girl might be the better choice for my first rides again. She's the most level-headed and not likely to whirl left, traumatizing my right hand unlike "he who shall not be named"!
Saturday started with mad gallops, bucks, and squeals. After being cooped up in the barn during our last storm, the gang was ready to rip and stretch those legs. Pictured below is big boss mare, Ruffy, followed by the famous gelding who wishes he was a stallion right about now. Ruffy is coming into heat and being an outrageous flirt! I wish she'd take it easy on her left knee--silly girl.

And here's the lead trouble maker, and truly the lead mare, Rolex, enjoying her freedom.

After they all galloped up and down the hill, spun and careened in circles, everyone needed a giant gulp of water and breather.

I went to get the hay delivery sled loaded up. The minute I dragged it through the gate, I was followed by Rolex and Harley. Ruffy is a little spooked by it, and Vance, he's convinced it's dangerous, despite the hay bales on board. I couldn't wait to take it to the bottom of the hill--this was my best sled ride yet, from the top of the hill, all the way to the far corner. I even had to put my feet down so I wouldn't run into the fence! Awesome ride! You can just make out my tracks across the slope.

There's still a tremendous amount of snow in the woods, except south facing slopes where the sun is doing its best to melt it away. The snowbanks make formidable obstacles for the horses to clear or bumble through to access the trails. Rolex, sure-footed gal that she is was a star. Even Harley was well behaved for John and led Rolex through the trickier spots--deep water, deep snowbanks, and past the scary snowman. Yes, someone built a snowman on the Orris Falls Tr. and once Harley and Rolex saw it, they thought for sure it was the abominable snowman, ready to eat them! John could feel Harley quivering and even Rolex was convinced they should get home--fast! John kept Harley from speeding off, thankfully, since my right hand is not at full strength and trying to stop a runaway might prove painful.  They received carrot treats for being so well behaved and for such a nice ride. Thank you Rolex Girl--you were a star!

Sweet faced Ruffy--such a lovely eye


  1. It must be great to be back in the saddle again! Good girl Rolex for looking after you so well.

  2. Wee Ha!! Your SLed Ride ~ So Much Fun!!! Bet You SQueeled!

    Of Course I'm Drooling Over Your 3 Lovely Horses! They Are A Pure Joy To View Against That Snow. I Know The Snow Is Making Some Of Life Difficult, But OH, Your
    Photos Are Breath Taking With Them!

    Happy Riding Again, So Nice To Hear Of It Sweetie! I'm Glad You Rode Ruffy Mare. Usually The Geldings Are Sedate, Mares Can Be Uppity...But As You Said, He's More Stud Like, Maybe HaS More Hormones.

    Please Forgive Wonky Writing. My Phone Caps All Now, And Won't Allow Me To Add A Letter, Without It Being Capitalized. Arg!

  3. Her Eye Is Gorgeous! Bigifying It I Was Almost Able To See You, And Another Horse.


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