Friday, December 31, 2010

Oops! She's come undone...

The snow gave me a soft landing as I came unglued today. Harley is feeling good and looking for an excuse to let it rip. What started out as a nice little canter became a bit of a snorting, steamrolling, haul up the trail. I still don't know if he slipped, shied, or bucked, but I slid off, hanging onto the reins so he wouldn't bolt for home. I walked him down the trail to my favorite "mounting block tree", got back on and we jigged and half-passed the entire way out until we reached the paved road. Yup, he's feeling sassy with the weight he's put on and thinks he's back at Suffolk Downs. Today is an example of when ring riding might have been the wiser choice (if we had one). I had a feeling it wouldn't be a quiet hack when I had trouble getting him to stand still just to mount! That should have been the telling moment for me! Oh well, dust the snow off and get back on!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Ride and Boxing Day Ride

I got in my Christmas ride with Michelle and Echoe, although it was a brief stroll down the road. Some trails are beginning to ice up. Our schedules were tight, and it was cold, but we rode anyway.
Today we hooked up with 4 riders from North Point for a nice hack through the woods. Harley was remarkably good with the whole gang, even though he did almost get a kick! He's a real tailgater, but trying to slow him down only agitates him and he starts grinding his teeth. So I stuck him up in the middle, behind Diego and he did quite well. At least until Michelle and I left them at North Point and headed down the Nature Trail. He was fine until we reached the turn-around point. A little trot turned into a short sprint with a little buck thrown in for good measure. I think he really wanted to tear it up, and I wouldn't let him. He and Echoe vie for who will be out front when they can't canter along together. Of course, this brought on more teeth grinding until he settled down a bit.
I'm glad we got the ride in. The horses may be cooped up over the next 36 hours. About a half hour after we returned, the big storm blew in. We're supposed to have blizzard conditions and anywhere from 9 to 12 inches! A real doozy to whiten things up!
Thank you John for the winter boots and breeches. Without them, it would have been too cold today. !

Harley & Echoe trail mates and play mates

Mates (photos by Rebekah Savage)

Monday, December 6, 2010

A wild wintery ride...

Ears up!
John took Harley on a bushwack in the woods (note John's torn pants) out back, then up the Big Bump trail. The winter wind was howling between Harley's ears, and snow flurries spit all afternoon. I think he was happy just be to back at the barn. The hell with me and my photo opportunities. Ears up, Harley!