Monday, March 4, 2013

Grey skies still

Harley and Rolex tearing it up Sunday morning
The weather has continued to cast a perpetual greyness over us. This might be good in that it will keep me from overdoing things until my hand heals. But Sunday morning's fresh snowfall made the trails look so inviting. The woods looked like powdered sugar had been sprinkled overnight. The gang is always happy to romp in fresh snow. One of the great things about this winter is they can't get all muddy when they roll--just receive a nice snow bath instead!

John had a yearning to get a new halter for Ruffy, since some hooligan, aka Fuzzy B. broke her's when he had a spooky fit in the floor-less barn. I gave John a halter nameplate at Christmas, so we decided it was time to get her a replacement halter. We checked the boiling sap before we made the trip to Dover Saddlery, arriving back with the halter and other "essentials" just in time to rescue it from burning off. One and half more pints in the fridge. The trees are still giving us a nice amber run, far from the molasses colored syrup of last year.

The girls have become quite the pocket pickers. You can see in the above picture, Rolex and Ruffy sticking their noses in Johns hands, looking for carrot treats. Rattle a plastic bag, rummage in your pockets, and no doubt, you will be mobbed by horses. It can be tricky when Vance gets involved since he's the head of the herd and warns them away. If I manage to wave enough carrots in different directions, I can keep the peace. All those velvety noses nudging you, "Me next. Where's mine?"

Today John had time to get on Harley and Rolex for their first workout in weeks. He took each on a little jaunt up to Orris Falls and through an adjacent logged area. He reported back that Harley was good--they even had a nice fast canter. I held horses while he swapped tack and took Rolex out next. She wasn't so keen on crossing the brook--granted she hasn't seen it in weeks--but decided that without Brave Harley with her, she'd rather come home. So lucky John got in a double-header today, even though they were short. And the best news, he was coming back to the barn at 5 p.m. and it was still light out! Well, as light as the grey, snowy sky would allow.

Check out John's new mucky muddy riding footwear--who new Bog's had spur rests? Perfect for the upcoming mud season!


  1. Do ANY Of Your Steeds- Require Spurs???

    Yes, Told Ya Ere Now, This Weather Was Ordered For You And Your Healing!! Wowee Though, The Snow I'd Really Hanging On There.
    That Shot Of The Mares, Nosing
    Your Man, Cute!
    Awesome Rides John!!

    I Used To Give Wa More Treats FreeLy, But She Became Unmanageable...SOO Now,I Give
    Her Just As Many, But She Has To
    Do Her P.T M. (Physical Therapy
    Moves) Or Sidestep/Back Up/To
    My Hand Gesture. She's Gotten
    Really Good, She Loves Her

    Again, Can I Pay You To Send Me Some Of Your Homemade Syrup??

  2. Excellent weather for your recovery. Happy velvety noses helping themselves to treats! Hooray - adorable.

    Bogs are the best, but no spurs, John. Sweet friends never need them.


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