Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another snowy Sunday

I'm getting antsy--no riding, no skiing, only a little snowshoeing, which is so slow compared to gliding over snow on skis. But my sternum is much better and I get the right hand fixed on Thursday. The carpal tunnel has been getting progressively worse this past month making mucking a painful chore. I'll be so happy to have all my parts fit and functioning again!

Here are Harley, watching as usual, Rolex, and Ruffy enjoying some time in the snowy world outside the barn. It was an extremely wet snow, so after a few hours, they were ready to come in and have a little snack--some alfalfa dengie, and of course, carrots.

Rolex, ever the entertaining girl that she is, decided to nibble at the snow along the fence. She's got such a contented look on her face, you'd think it was sugar. Such a silly girl.

And this was our drive to the barn. By the time we headed home, there were a few more inches of snow on the road and many saplings leaning out into the roadway. Yippeee for 4WD!


  1. That shot of the horses is so pretty!
    And Rolex, that is a perfect postcard ~ "if I close my eyes, the flavor is: fresh apples with Molasses!"

    This weather is helping you heal,I do believe.....
    Sorry about the surgery. I've stayedoff that one, with PT on my
    attachments. It's painful and annoying. Hope it works to alleviate it, with the surgery for you.

    You'll be G TO G then!

    1. It reached the "severe" point where it was beyond PT. Hope this does alleviate it! I need two working hands!

  2. Good luck on Thursday.
    You have AN AWFUL LOT more snow than us!


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