Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Equine Art at the library

About 8 years ago, before I owned Harley, I switched library jobs, leaving one for another. When I was subsequently laid off, I returned to the previous library and that brief period is fondly known now as "my leave of absence" since it was only about one year. But once it was known that I was leaving, a family that had 2 children in my kindergarten-aged story time, gave me a wonderful going away present. The kids all knew how I loved horses, and that I hoped someday to have one of my own.

All three children, including the eldest who I'd never had in story time, painted pictures for me. I have two of them against the window in my office.  Now, when I sit at my desk, I can view them every day! Thanks, Brenten, Mackenzie, and Nick!

Apologies to Nick--his black horse against the dark blue back ground didn't come out--I'll re-photograph it and update the post soon!


  1. Oh What A Neat Gifting, Those Kids Made Some Gorgeous Horsey Art!!!
    And The Most Special Memory That Is Heart Tugging Sweet!

  2. Hey! I love those. Brent's horse looks like it is swimming in a green sea. It looks so fluid and relaxed somehow. he has the magic touch! How cool is that? They look like very large horses! Giddeyap!

  3. How lovely! Great to have thoughtful homemade gifts like that :)


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