Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The animals are taking over our lives!

Twice a day, we head to the barn for Harley care and, if we have enough energy, a ride. John graciously walked along side me for about 4 miles when we hacked out down the pipeline (a post-surgery no-no, but we won't tell). Harley was a little squirrelly with big puddles and tried to spin out on me a few times. But other than that, he was a doll. I wasn't sure what to expect from dirt bikes and ATV's, so John clipped him onto the lead just in case. He didn't seem to mind them too much--but the scary water....YIKES!
And now Callie Lou is clamoring for our attention too, like an older sibling that's feeling neglected. How does she demonstrate this? By coming upstairs now and sleeping on the bed. It all started the night we had a thunderstorm. I know she's afraid of the booming, but she's never climbed the stairs before. And since then, every night, the minute we head up, she's hard on our heels. The only problem? She can't get back down those steep, slippery steps. I've ordered some tread rugs for traction, and hopefully that will work. Otherwise, we are in for a workout every morning! First we have to drag her to the stairs, and then collect 4 scrambling legs, and haul her into our laps for a sit-down ride. This must be why people get toy dogs--a squirming 80+ lb. Rottweiler is not easy to manage!
But we love 'em, babies that they are!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back in the saddle again...

It's been over 20 years since I rode, maybe a bit less for John, but we're both back in the saddle again. Post-surgery probably doesn't include galavanting around on a horse, so I've only been for a mellow walk in the ring. John tested Harley's fear of umbrellas (none), and "snakes in the grass" --a spooky rope trail behind him (not happy with that). Then he took Harley out for a nice trail ride this morning. He's not too bad with water, but he did balk a bit at water running through a culvert (just wait till next spring, Harley!). Overall, he's got wonderful manners on the ground, and has a very sweet disposition. We checked his tattoo number and discovered Harley's real registered name is Halawa Moon, with some fancy names to his bloodlines. I never imagined my first horse to be free, nor to be an ex-racing Thoroughbred. I think Harley will settle with time and enjoy our adventures on the trails.

This Friday, maybe I can get the all-clear from the surgeon to get on board. Of course, it's going to be a while before I get my rubbery legs back into riding shape again. I think John and I are in for the time of our lives!