The Filly Follies

Today John bathed both fillies today, getting the loose dander, dust, and East Boston pigeon poop off them. The he "threw a leg" over each of the girls, first Rough & Ready (aka Ruffy), then Rolex Girl (aka Roly) and gave them a short workout. I wish I'd seen them loose in the pasture--sounds like they enjoyed freedom on the green grass, something sorely missing at Suffolk Downs.
We decided that This Chic's Got It was too much of a mouthful and there was no good option for a nickname. John came up with Rough & Ready because that's how she arrived--a little banged up from the trailer ride north, but ready to strut her stuff. Rolex Girl works for us--not too long, and kind of catchy. Both fillies have already put on a little weight, fattening up for the Maine winter. More pictures coming soon!

November 9, 2011

Harley takes his girlfriends for a walk

John rode each of the fillies today. We took them on a little trail ride with Harley who bravely led the way through the water at Orris Falls (about 6 times), but Rolex Girl would have no part of it! Ruffy threw a rear shoe, so he meander was a bit shorter, although who spooked? My fearless 9 year old. We'll take them each out again tomorrow for another walk in the woods.

November 16, 2011
Both girls have been out again on rides in the woods, and both have been marvelous! John's quiet riding style, even when they spook, keeps them on an even keel. Rolex Girl still wants no part of going through water, although we did make it through a couple of mucky/watery stretches on the last ride out. Brook crossings are another thing--even for Harley! He hadn't been out on that trail in a week or so, and decided to pull a move. After 5 attempts, and John threatening to get on him, I got him across, like it was no big deal. What a funny guy--he even stood in the middle, sniffing the water, waiting for Rolex, without a hair ruffled. He's a character.

December 10, 2011
I stopped at the feed store and the owner asked how the 2 new fillies were doing. I stopped for a minute and said, "You know, I'm amazed at them. Only 4 years old, fresh off the track, and they're already going on trail rides, in a bitless bridle, through muck, and water.  They're awesome!" And of course, I must tip my hat to John for doing such a wonderful job with them.

December 19, 2011
Today I swapped horses with John. He rode ole Harley (our seasoned spooker) and I rode Rolex Girl. Rebecca hopped aboard Ruffy. We got in a nice loop ride out the Lollipop Trail, down the roads and into the Nature Trails. At one point, we had a nice little canter on a grassy meadow--pretty funny watching the girls trying to go left around the apple tree while on their right leads! All behaved beautifully--even Harley only spooked twice! I can't believe what a quiet, sensible girl Rolex is, especially since she's encountering such different terrain than she was 3 months ago.