Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Harley Goes Bitless

John forgot I had the bridles at the house to clean them. So when he arrived at the barn yesterday and realized he was without, he decided to try out Michelle's bitless bridle on Harley. Turns out, he was a wonder with it! No, it didn't have quite the stopping power, but it was a walking workout, not a race. It also gave Harley a chance to snatch at some grass! John was pleased by Harley's performance--I think he's coveting a Dr. Cook's Beta bridle now!
Dr. Cook's bitless bridle
John and Harley ventured nearly all the way to Mt. Agamenticus. They hooked up some trails that run between Orris Falls and Mt. A., cutting off a lot of road riding. With hunting season in full swing by Saturday, we will have to ride in our blaze orange for the next month and a half. It's such a beautiful time of year, with the trees on fire, colorful mushrooms sprouting everywhere, and the ripe berries on the carrion flower and winterberry bushes. And of course, wild turkeys strutting their stuff in the oak and beech woods!
I think Harley is settling in and actually beginning to enjoy walking in the woods. Oh, he occasionally tries to give me the "let's go home" spin move, but no where near to the degree he once did. He even walked past the dreaded target deer last week! Yes, he's making great strides.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Too smart for his own good

Poor Harley has been on and off lame for about 2 weeks now. When John trotted him out for the vet, he  limped only a smidge. She concluded what John had suspected--a splint on his right leg. So...he's to get light work (basically walking) and some bute with his breakfast and dinner. But 'ole Mr. Knobby Knees has been fed some bute in his time and wanted no part of the stuff. Even though it's supposed to taste like apple and molasses, he's onto us. I have to agree with Harley--it has a nasty bitter aftertaste. Mysterious white powder on apples and in his favorite feed won't get by his nose. Maybe we can mix it in with applesauce and see if that works. We'll have to practice devious arts to outsmart Harley.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Leave the light on for Harley

John and I wondered why a wood screw was sticking out of the light switch box by Harley's stall. Turns out, Harley, aka Tom Bodett, seems to like turning the light on when he's his stall.  Poor Pete doesn't need Harley ramping up his power bill! So the protruding screw keeps him from switching it on. But I noticed yesterday, it was gone; probably knocked it out with his nose. I think our poor horse is scared of the dark and wants a night light.