Sunday, March 17, 2013

Monday's meander

Ruffy peering at the water
Monday was "girls day out". Harley kept Vance company while John and I took Ruffy and Rolex for a meander down to Orris Falls. The ride was uneventful, a blessing for me these days, but the girls got "stuck" at a spot where the water was running across the trail. Ruffy could easily have jumped it, but instead, stood and snorted at the water. I think the scary snowman may have set her up for "spooky things" along the trail and she's never been a fan of getting her feet wet.

Rolex just decided to copy Ruffy and decided she didn't really want to go any further either. John dismounted, and tried to lead Ruffy across, but she was having none of it, balking with feet firmly planted on one side while John waded in the muddy water. Rather than turning it into a contest of wills, we called it a day and turned for home. Of course, this meant passing the scary snowman again. Rolex went out front, snorting, with Ruffy scooching by fast when she realized she might be left alone!
Rolex wimping out on me

You know it must be super scary for Rolex to stop and snort at things in the trail, but she was brave enough to not try racing for home!

My body seems to have healed up enough that I have no more chest pains from the fractured sternum and my carpal tunnel hand is getting stronger each day. Of course, then I went and jammed my pinky on my other hand--what luck! But I can once again lug grain bags, hay bales, and water buckets without pain!

Just when we thought we'd seen the last of the snow, we got another inch Friday night. It was enough to send people off the road, but not enough for the road crews to get out there until after 7:30. It was a slippery drive to the barn Saturday morning!

The sun is shining today--time to get going and in the saddle. We've got more snow heading our way Monday night through Tuesday. I guess winter isn't releasing her grip on us just yet.

This tree looks like it was struck by lightning, but we haven't had any--just high winds that seemed to have split it right in half!


  1. Just Have To Love Those Two Mares! I'm So Happy To Hear Of You're Uneventful Ride(Too), Gives One Confidence.

    Yea, Rushing Creeks Are My Mares Issue Too. Still Water, Lakes, Ocean(Even), She Will Enter!
    Maybe Without The Slick Snow, You All Can Reenter That Pursuit, Of Crossing.

    Wow, Really, More Snow. We Hit Almost 55 Degrees...But It's 30'S At Night, When It's Clear. An Improvement Though. Blue SneakIng Onto The Sky Scape.

    Take Care, Little Pinky, One Of These Days, You'll Join The All Healed Body Group! I'm Smiling For Ya!

  2. Wow, cool tree photo!
    Sounds like a nice ride even if you had to cut it short. We have rain rain and more rain... and I moved here to get away from the rain. Agh.

  3. Isn't it funny how so often it is monkey-see-monkey-do with horses! What little monkeys they are! Or manybe monkeys are little horses? My horse loves to be in the water, but manages to forget that when we have to walk through a stream. But alas, the battle of the wills! Glad to see you are a hardy soul riding through the snow, scary snowmen or not! at least you are feeling better. We've got a storm on its way tonight! the more the merrier as they say. Looks like a darn pretty ride.

    1. That's the attitude! I just tell everyone the old farmer's saying about snow, "Poor man's fertilizer". What can you do but go out and have fun in it, right?


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