Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snowed in

No roof clearing needed, thanks to the wind.
Yup, it's a blizzard alright. We've got an average of 24 inches, at least knee deep and up to my waist by the garage. I tried to help shovel, but can't do a lot without it hurting. Poor John needed to get to work, and I had to get out to the barn, so we asked our neighbor if we could use his snow blower. He kindly came over and did us before he even had his own drive done. He received a quart of our own maple syrup for saving the day!

I'm sure John will have a dull day waiting for customers who may never get there, but I applaud him for making the effort and showing up. And after all that, he wasn't needed until 1 p.m. So we made a quick trek out to the barn to check on everyone. All wanted to go out, but I think I'm going to wait until the storm subsides more and the wind abates. Swirling snow devils bring out the twisting, snorting dragons lurking in the bodies of our horses! Many of the back roads are still single tracks with mounds of snow in the roadway from plows and snow blowers, in addition to drifts blowing in from fields. We gave the stalls a quick pick, and fed the horses a beet pulp mash to keep them happy until dinner. John and I will head back out when he gets home from work to give them the once over and a thorough stall cleaning. Our farrier is supposed to come tomorrow--hmmm-- I expect to get a message that he is still digging out.

High snow line on the door where we shoveled out


  1. Glad you are ok!
    Question - does your door open out? If so, how did you open it?

    Looks beautiful but really hard work.
    Stay safe & stay warm

  2. Love your little house!!!
    It is so pretty in all that DID you get out?? Another door without a screen?


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