Saturday, February 9, 2013

A little Halawa Moon history

While I'm waiting out the storm,  I'm catching up on some desk work. I ordered a few photos of Halawa Moon back in his youth in the winner's circle at Suffolk Downs a number of months ago. I'm finally getting around to posting them on the blog. And now I have some new wallpaper for my computer.

After tracking down the photographer, thanks to some discussion boards at the Chronicle of the Horse, I contacted Chip Bott who kindly looked through his archives and located Harley's four moments of glory at Suffolk Downs.

Halawa Moon as a 3 year old winning at Suffolk Downs - Photo by Chip Bott
There's my boy, going as fast as he could as a youngster. I think he likes the slower pace of life on the farm in Maine. He only has to go fast when he wants, and when the girls stir him up.

As a 2 year old at Suffolk Downs - photo by Chip Bott
Certainly not the fastest boy in his day, but he gave it his all in typical Thoroughbred fashion. Now Mr. Knobby Knees lives the life of luxury, dosed with carrots instead of bute, and spending most of his time in a big field. I'm not sure if he thinks trail riding is such a good idea (Mr. Chicken), but it's where we spend a majority of our time. He doesn't know it yet, but once I'm all healed up and the ring is clear, we ARE going to do some gymnastic work. It will be good for both of us, Harley, trust me!


  1. How wonderful to find those photos! And generous of the photographer to let you use them :)
    You're making the most of your snow day, well done!

    1. When I paid for them, I asked if I could use them in the blog, hence the credit!

  2. Oh so BEAUTIFUL!!! He is so very beautiful!
    do tell of the Gymnastic routines you'll be ensuing soon!
    Hang in and dare to dream'll be here in no time, truly Imel


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