Sunday, February 17, 2013

A herd of four...the gang loses a friend

Harley, Vance, Ruffy, and Rolex--the new herd

Last Monday, Gator was put down. He was 32 years old and certainly lived a good long life, 14 of those years along side Pete's retired Standardbred, Vance.  Thankfully, the herd dynamics are such that Vance blended right in with our three comfortably. He is, after all, top dog and before we had the girls, was turned out with Harley. Vance was off his feed a bit for a few days, missing his buddy across the aisle, but he seems to be doing just fine. From what I heard, when Gator was buried, Harley ran down along the fence line. When the excavator came through their pasture, all the horses trotted along behind, almost like a funeral procession, with Rolex leading.

Dinner time!
More snow today, along with high winds kept us off the horses. I'd toyed with the idea of getting back in the saddle, but maybe a windy winter day would not be the best choice. The snow finally quit by mid-afternoon, but the wind only increased, rattling the barn doors and sending snow in between any available chink in the barn. With cold temperatures coming on, the horses didn't think twice about coming up the hill for dinner. Once I came through the gate, I was marauded by poking noses seeking treats in my pockets. No one was happy that I only had a camera!

Hey Ma, where are the carrots? Can we come inside now?


  1. I am so sorry about Gator but glad he lived a long life. Good news that Vance has his new buddies. That is sad for them to lose a long time friend.

    It looks cold and windy - Brrr! It is sunny here today and yesterday so 20 degrees seemed nice this morning when I fed.

    Glad you are healing enough to toy with riding!

  2. Oh, I am sad about losing a horse, but the funeral procession must have been, in it's own way, so tender and beautiful. What a nice way to be buried, with friends all around.
    We too have been chased around by the wind. It has been very bossy, and intimidating, two qualities I do not admire in anything or anyone! But one day the peepers will begin to chirp and we will know there is much warmth and light at the end of our dark February tunnel. Long live the horses! Long live us! Long live the wood stove!

  3. Oh, that good ol' horse. So sad to have Vance pine for him too. I know your herd will sooth him and help him through. But I wonder, if tniet hearts ache like ours do,when we lose a friend?

    Hang in...glad you had the longings to ride but, hang out heal all the
    It sure is beautiful, but oh so frigid!

    How could you only have a
    camera!! Bet they were so let down!

    1. Don't worry, I went back to get carrots--I couldn't stand their pleading eyes any longer. :)

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