Saturday, February 2, 2013

So bored, I'm picking up sticks

The worst part about an injury is the eternal waiting. Yes, there's pain, but I'm already sick of waiting to heal and it's only been about 2 weeks. I also feel guilty throwing so much work at John--all the mucking, the lifting, the lugging, and riding--which includes working a certain bay gelding with an attitude!

So while John mucked stalls before going to work, I went out and picked up sticks--all those limbs, twigs, and branches left by the loggers. I've got a little window of opportunity before the next snow storm comes to get things cleaned up! While I gathered wood, the girls tried to stir things up. Ruffy and Rolex bucked, reared, crow-hopped while Harley nibbled on grass. As you can see, Harley is not sure if he wants to play this game!

 Then I pulled carrots out of my pockets and the girls mobbed me like crows after freshly flattened squirrel. Rolex trotted up to me, nostrils flared, snorting, thinking this might be a fun facet to her game--get a treat and then run away and kick up her heels some more. Ruffy enjoyed the activity as well. They had been stabled the previous day due to downpours and were ready to blow off some steam. When I led Harley out, he let out a little squeal of joy before I got the halter off of him, as if to say, "At last, we can go outside!"

So I gathered wood until my chest hurt, probably not a good thing, and enjoyed watching our horses play. They are in such good shape this year, we've been able to get away without blanketing them except during the coldest temperatures. They're nice and fuzzy and appear to be holding their weight--always a challenge with thoroughbreds! Of course, all that alfalfa dengie and beet pulp have helped.

Look at that nice trot! All four feet off the ground as Rolex prances around the pasture. Our Little Miss Marquetry girl is strutting her stuff.


  1. That last picture is great!
    I know what it's like to be waiting to heal - that was me this time last year with the broken wrist. Give it time, you'll get there.

  2. Hoping you and John and the sweet boy and girls are warm and snuggly and safe with the coming storm!!! Thinking good thoughts!

    1. Yup, put them in by 1 p.m. And I think they were happy to get out of the wind and snow! Tucked into some alfalfa and beet pulp with lots of hay. Getting out there tomorrow may prove interesting! Did some light shoveling (which I know I'll pay for) just to keep the driveway somewhat open for ride out to the barn Saturday. Hope you and yours are all snugged in too!


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