Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New toy arriving!

Bates Hunter Jumper - courtesy  Bates Saddles
After much deliberation and saddle swapping, I ordered the Hunter Jumper model last night from my local shop. I hope it fits Harley to the tee. Poor John has listened to me belabor the "new saddle" issue for so long, I'm sure he's hoping this one works too. And Harley is tired of me standing over his butt taking pictures! Janie over at Pelham Saddlery has continued to offer insight into the many options I've put on Harley and been extremely helpful throughout this process. Let's hope this is the one!

Our first S.M.A.R.T. ride is this scheduled for this Sunday. With the saddle question still up in the air, we did not commit to riding yet. I want to be 100% sure of the fit first. Yesterday the vet came for spring shots, and now we're expecting rain right through Friday. So Saturday will be my only day to test the saddle.

Did anyone catch the Derby and Preakness? I missed both, which is especially unfortunate since Harley's half-brother Orb, won the Kentucky Derby impressively! See Harley, I know you're not nickel-bred, just a knuckle head sometimes. He made up for his misbehaving by being all lovey-dovey with me yesterday. He stood like a doll for the vet (but what OTTB isn't used to shots), and nosed around my hands and pockets looking for treats while I groomed him. He knows what works, that smartypants!


  1. What? A half brother! Wowza! You should celebrate with some mint juleps. I watched the race. As usual, over in the blink of an eye. Raining and muddy. I was happy nobody slipped and fell. Congrats on your new saddle! it always feels good to have a saddle you love and can count on!

  2. I'm Catching Up...Maybe BackWards...

    Nice Looking Saddle!!
    I Long For My Little Jump Saddle Again. When WA Was 10-12 It Fit Her..But All The Hills And Dales Developed Her Greatly, No Going
    Back To A Narrow!

    With A New Saddle, And On The Heals Of Inoculations...Um, I'd Wait On A Bigger, Different Ride. That's Me,I Know How Crap Mine Feels After Vetting.

    Sometimes With The More Temperamental, Sensitive Lovely TB's, One Must Be Wise!

    1. They got the day off and then some! We've had nothing but rain for the entire week. And I figured I wouldn't have enough time to test the saddle out before our ride (it's the first SMART ride of the year and not very long). None of them seemed to have any reactions to the shots--still happy to gallop around the pasture. The saddle isn't going to show up in time anyway and it's supposed to continue raining, so I've decided to skip ride. Unfortunately, it's the only one we can hack to--all the rest require a trailer (which we still don't have). :(
      So I'll wait for a sunshiny day to test the saddle, and then John and I can go for an exploratory ride somewhere new!

    2. Ah, Sounds Good. Glad They Ran Off Any Stiffness!
      Yea, Rain Rain, Go Away...Come Again In The Fall! Sorry About The Ride, The One You Could Have Ridden To


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