Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A spring cold snap

Here's a sight I didn't expect to see in mid-May--the horses in blankets!

We're having a cold snap with possible frost. So after hemming and hawing about what to do last night, we opted for the blankets and turnout. Everyone would rather be outside, especially with all the green grass, than cooped up in their stalls with boring old hay. But now that the horses have shed nearly all their winter coats, we didn't want them out in the brisk northwest wind last night, getting cold. At least there won't be any black flies or mosquitoes! After dinner, I lit a fire to take off the chill, and I said to John, "When was the last time the horses were turned out and I had a fire going?"

We took Harley and Rolex out for a fast workout on Sunday, despite the wet weather so we could take the edge off them for our farrier. Harley is so much better when he's a little tired--a lot less antsy which makes it much easier for Butch. Silly me used the bitless bridle--Harley knows I have no brakes!

After a wet ride on Sunday, we had a brisk evening ride yesterday. Rolex was startled by a deer as she crested a hill. After they see one, the horses are on full alert. Harley expects to see one around every corner and tree. The myriad of warblers have returned to Maine: black and white, northern parula, yellow, black-throated green, and common yellowthroat, making the woods come alive with their songs. As we ambled along, I called out to John all the different birds I heard.

We ended our ride with a closer look at a backhoe. Neither horse wanted to approach it, even though they have seen it for weeks. Rolex didn't like the squishy sandy footing--it probably reminded her of the track! "I thought I was done with all that! I just want to have fun." Of course, Harley was only going to feed off this behavior and wouldn't go past it either. I dismounted and led him which is the only thing that will work once he's made up his mind to be stubborn. For that, he got a carrot treat and we called it a day.

Blankets on again tonight, and then we get warmer weather.


  1. That Was A Lovely Ride...All The Wildlife, Bird Calls. I Was There, The Way You Described It All....Even The Bitless Harley,I felt His Surge.

    Blankets, Wow. It's A Weirdo Spring...A just Had 2 Weeks Of 80 Degree Weather. It Was Fantastic, Not Normal Though.

    I Had My 3Rd Ride Today!!! It Felt Great.

    Hang In, Let's See What The Rest Of May DeAls Us All.

  2. We had our woodstove going too! In the middle of May! Our neighbor's covered all of her raspberry bushes with sheets and it looks like dozens of gentle ghosts hovering over the grass! It is turning out to be a strange month indeed!


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