Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's here....the saddle AND summer!

Harley in his bonnet
Rather than twiddle my thumbs, waiting for the saddle to arrive, I padded up the Tekna and off John and I went on an exploratory ride. John wanted to see how long it would take to ride to a nearby stable with an arena. The route took us out through the woods behind the quarry. There's a lovely sandy hill the ATV's have churned into soft footing. We always get in a fun gallop up the hill. This time, Harley tried to pass Rolex by veering off a short cut, but he came up short.

We needed to cross busy Route 9 and Harley hadn't been ridden in a week--you get my drift. So I chickened out on John. Harley is much spookier on the road than in the woods and I just didn't feel comfortable with the idea. So instead, we followed some logging trails in hopes of finding our way to the road that would take us back to the Jepson Farm. Harley did well leading, even at picking his way through the slash. Then he had to spook at something, possibly a turkey, and toss me in the dirt (man, can he wheel fast, just as I bent over to look at footing).  The he walked past an empty storefront window and saw another horse, no TWO, staring back! Seeing his and Rolex's reflection gave him a good start. Once they recognized their surroundings, the race for home began with Harley jogging now and then until Rolex passed him and forged on with her bouncy walk. Poor Harley hasn't quite got her stride and ends up jogging to catch up.

When we got to Jepson's, Harley decided it was time for lunch and started to graze. This is the best reason for a bitless bridle. The horses can easily munch grass or carrots without the hindrance of a bit. Even though Harley hadn't been worked in a week, I decided to be brave and take him out bitless that day.

I'd like to get in a ride over in Wells to explore a region in the Tatnic Hills that we haven't visited since last Easter. And to think we were in down jackets then too!

My vacation is spinning by too fast. I haven't done near all the chores on my list; call it horse fever! I've got a chunk of old plaster looming overhead, waiting to fall, and I've yet to get it fixed. It's easier to avoid tackling it by running away to the barn. And then there's all the painting, plumbing, and electrical work I need to address...I'd really like the guys from This Old House to come fix everything for me!

This past Sunday was Rolex Girl's birthday--now she's truly six, and truly, our baby girl! Here she is, sporting Harley's headnet on our ride. Happy Birthday to our little Miss Marquetry Girl.

My Bates Hunter Jumper saddle finally arrived Wednesday, but by the time I picked it up and got home, it was too late to get on Harley--plus he needed another coat of mud removed first! So today, after doing more chores, and leaving John at home working on a canoe repair, I dashed to the barn to try it out. I certainly like the feel of it--a cushy version of my old Crosby. I could do without the metal "bling" for the stirrup leather holder and under the cantle, but what the heck--as long as it fits! And the gullet change was even easier than before. This must be their newest version--easy peasy. I only had a brief ride, but I think it fits fine. Tomorrow, we'll do a breakfast ride in the morning, before it gets too hot and buggy!


  1. I'm a small bit jealous that you're getting all these long rides in - now that the rain has finally stopped, I've just been too busy with visitors. And on Monday I'm off to Ireland to visit my mother so that's another week without horses :-(
    Your new saddle looks lovely. My super-fancy new saddle pad arrived but I will do a blog post on it in a few days. Or maybe the week after next. My goodness, where does the time go?

    PS Crikey I was given fkem in my captcha thingy.... bit naughty!

  2. Yes The Saddle ,weee, Has Arrived...And No Doubt You're In It Now!!!
    Hope Harley Quits Dumping You! Hate Hearing Of Then, Makes My Bones Ache! Guess This Offing Was Soft!

    I'm Loving The Green Bonnet!
    Good For Wind And flies.

    We Are Looking Up In The Weather Dept. Going For Ride 4 With My Hoof Boots Today!

    Can't Wait To Hear Of Your Saddle Ride.....


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