Friday, May 10, 2013

A busy weekend ahead

This is the view I got Tuesday morning--the gang checking to see if I had breakfast.

The horses are so happy to be out 24/7 that they are reluctant to come up the hill unless they know we have food. We've had wonderful weather--clear and not too hot, although the fire danger is quite high due to the dryness. We're finally getting some rain now and it's predicted to go right through the weekend.

Since I've taken a break from saddle hunting, a rainy weekend is perfect for me getting some stuff done around the neglected house! Spring cleaning chores are long overdue. And after the rain, I will certainly have to mow the lawn. If only I could get the gang over to trim the grass for me!

My local tack shop is having an open house next Sunday. I will see if they have any "special deals" on saddles. I'm keeping that Harry Dabbs Jaguar on the back burner, but $1600 for a used saddle is steep for my pocketbook. I need to contact Smith-Worthington to about trying their Avalon model--brand new and about half the price!

If the rain holds off enough on Sunday, my father will bring his tractor up with a York rake so we can clean up the remaining twigs, sticks, and limbs the loggers left behind. If he has time, I hope to also rake the "ring" area as well. Sunday should be busy since it's also Mother's Day and the farrier is coming! Harley was a little off earlier in the week, but if he's sound, I'll need to give him the "pre-farrier" workout so he's easier for Butch to shoe. And I might need to do the same with Rolex since John's back has been a bit under the weather.

Our first S.M.A.R.T. ride is coming up soon, but without enough conditioning, or a proper-fitting saddle, we may have to sit this one out. :(

Ruffy and Harley--the two hungriest horses


  1. Oh, That Shot Of Them Wondering About "If You Had Some Hay" ...Too Great!!
    I'm In The Yard, Having My Breakfast, Reading Blogs...And I Laughed Out Loud Seeing That HOrse Face- Peering From Behind The Large Tree!!! My Neighbor Heard Me Laugh!

    Yes, Its Hard To Continue With Training/Riding With A Sore Back And No Saddle. ...Gotta Change The Water...Be Back....

  2. Okay, Back....I'm Glad Your Horses After So Happy! Out 24/7, It's The Best Forsure. Also Glad To Hear Spring Has Finally Arrived.

    Here, Its"SPRUMMER"...In The 80'S, No Rain, Just Plain
    Gorgeous. But Watering In May,
    Woo...Another Bill To Think About!

    Hoping You Find That Correct
    Fitting Saddle Soon. And Johns
    Back Comes Good. Does He See Any One For That?

    My Therapies Are Helping, Soft
    Tissue Work Now, The Spine Is Better Aligned Again. Nerve
    Damage Going Away.

    Have A Lovely Weekend HAPPIEST OF MOTHERS DAY s!!

  3. Love the hungry for breakfast photo - so adorable! Harley and Ruffy have lovely coats in that bottom photo!!! Happy housecleaning!

  4. Oh that first pic sure is adorable. What personality and charm! I sure would not mind having that view each morning. Did you get any rain? We finally have been getting some. I worried too that it was getting way too dry. Now I feel better, even if it makes for poor riding conditions. $1600 for a used saddle is a lot--but if it is the saddle of your dreams, maybe you could convince yourself it is not so bad? Divided by the number of years you will have it! See? We will have that saddle down to nothing but pennies in a matter of minutes! What is a york rake I wonder!

  5. I love your shiny horses in the 2nd photo. Good luck with the saddle hunting. I'm still crossing my fingers that my weird saddle will work, the riser pad slipped out a bit the other day so I definitely need to use a different one.


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