Monday, May 27, 2013

He's caked with mud on both sides now...

We've received more rain in the past week than we did all spring. Every night I went out to bring in the ponies, they were covered in mud. Nothing like a visit to the spa, right? Gee, thanks guys! I needed to wrap a bandana around my face to avoid breathing in the tremendous clouds of dust I brushed off of each horse. I know it's their natural bug repellent, but what a chore to clean them off!
Saturday night, the skies let loose with a final hurrah. We woke up to thinning clouds and rivers full to overflowing at near-flood stage.

Yet as people complained of the rain, myself included, I had to stop and say to myself--at least we don't have tornadoes. The heart-wrenching news from Oklahoma was horrible. And while the news talks of the 24 people killed, I can't help thinking about those poor 200 or so horses and their owners. I can't imagine facing such devastation and tragedy, and feeling so helpless for my horses.

Harley and Rolex come to investigate my work

With John and I on vacation this week, we spent Sunday and Monday working around the barn, doing some much-needed spring cleaning. I worked on picking up limbs and debris from the loggers in the lower pasture (yes, I'm still picking up sticks). The gals and Harley came over to see what I was up too, but once I chucked a piece of wood over the fence, they took off. After being cooped up from the stormy weather, they kicked their heels up and let the wind whip under their tails.

Today, I finally got some more planting done. The lettuce and mesculin mix is doing well, the cold, I think! I put in carrots, beets, onion, and beans today. Our weather is going to cooperate from now on and warm things up. But to play it safe, I'm keeping the basil and tomatoes under cover in the tent. We don't need to grow any kale; it reseeded itself everywhere. Note our edible driveway! John wants to try corn this year. We never seem to have too much success, but what the heck--it will be fun to have it growing right here. Tomorrow I will get the potatoes, radishes, spinach, and cucumbers planted.

On our drive out to the barn this morning, we saw a pair of turkey vultures warming up their wings, waiting for the temperature to rise enough for them to catch the thermals. They were right by the road, so I made John stop so I could shoot some pictures.

Memorial Day sped by, but knowing we have the rest of the week off to play, I didn't push too hard to ride. My saddle probably won't arrive until Wednesday, but still, I wanted to work some of the kinks out of Harley. Once we had Rolex and Harley cleaned and tacked up, our energy had returned. And it was a good thing too! None of the horses have been worked in a week due to the weather, so they were in "good spirits". This meant spooking at deer, and prancing down the trail. We made a lot of noise to warn the deer, hoping to not come around the corner and have one right by the trail. I brought my camera along, but today was NOT the day to try and take pictures--I needed to have my wits about me and my hands on the reins. We rode the Lollipop Loop in reverse with Harley out front for part of the way. He was being a prancypants but went a little better when I put him out front. Rolex, keen to pass him, dogged his quarters until she could sneak past. Harley always willingly gives in and falls in behind her. He'd had enough leading for one day.

By 7:30 the horses had finished dinner and ambled down to the pasture for the night. "Good night, my beauties. Everyone behave and stay out of trouble. I'll see you in the morning."

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  1. Those Driveway Greens, Cracked Me Up(Pardon The Pun)!

    Isn't It Nice, Having Time On Your Hands To Do All Those Things, And Ride! Funny How They Took Off, When You
    Tossed The Stick...No Need For
    A Reason To Run Really, But
    They Love It!

    Yes, I'm Replanting My Garden Soon...Most Stuff Didn't Make It
    . I Need To Learn About Cool
    Weather Plantings,I Guess.

    Yea, The Monsoons Are Here
    Now...But No Loss Of Life, And
    My Complaints Are Turned To
    Thankful Murmurs. It's
    Humbling To Live, Fairly

    You Take Care, Have Good Vacation Times, Be Sure To Ride Alot!

    In Hopes Your Saddle Comes Soon!


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