Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I wish Sundays never ended

Harley and John enjoying the snow
Our friends up the street stopped by on Sunday to try out their new Ipad. They took some pretty nice pictures of Harley after his two gallops up the pasture hill (our attempt to take the zing out of him before our farrier did his feet). On his last visit Harley was a nervous wreck, walking on Butch and even kicking once! I think he was really unsettled by the missing floor in the barn. He always snorted when he passed it coming in and it never seemed right to poor Harley who likes routine and sameness.

After two trips out, first with John and then with me, he stood like a doll for Butch, almost falling asleep. Galloping through the deep snow seemed to do the trick!

All those people inside, huddled by their televisions, missed some cold, but awesome weather outside. Yes, the wind was howling, but the snow was perfect for riding, skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, whatever winter fun could be had. As you can see from the giant grin on my face, I had plenty of fun. Where would I be without my Carhartt overalls? Our Sundays are always busy, and it's the only day John and I have off together, so we spend most of it at the barn, playing with the ponies. No matter what the weather, we have a good time--I wish Sundays never ended.

Here's a cute photo of Rolex Girl after John gave her a light workout. She was turned out for a romp, enjoying the last daylight hours.

All the photos are courtesy of our friends Hank and Lily

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