Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter night in the barn

Cold weather riding attire--the Michelin woman look

You know it's cold when the water coming out of the barn faucet is steaming and it's cold water, not hot! After 4 consecutive days of freezing weather, and I mean freezing---sub zero (F) for 3 nights in a row, we're catching a break tomorrow. Unfortunately, we've also got a warming trend coming with the worst; freezing rain, yuck! I guess if I'm going to get hurt riding, now's the time to do it, get better, and wait for warmer weather. I'd prefer the sever cold to wet, sleety dankness. Honestly, I enjoy winter riding (no flies or ticks), even if I do look like the Michelin woman in my Carhartts. And we haven't gotten in any skijoring yet--so winter can't end in January.

Last night, after everyone was tucked in with dinner, dengie, and beet pulp for dessert, I walked around and snuggled my cheek up to each horse for a good night nuzzle. Rolex isn't too big on the hugging thing, but Harley rested his cheek on my shoulder, breathing that warm, grainy breath horses have, and Ruffy did the same, nearly closing her eyes as I stroked her other cheek.
Good night, sweet ponies. Sleep tight. See you in the morning.


  1. How are you feeling?
    enjoy your snuffly snuggles x


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