Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another snowy ride

We received a nice fresh dusting of snow last night; enough to make the hemlocks sparkle. John and I took Ruffy and Harley out for a morning ride before the snowshoers and skiers descended on the Orris Falls trail. But first, we had to get past the gobbling red bourbon turkeys at the house at the bottom of the hill. This, in conjunction with kids waving arms out the window of a parked van, put the brakes on both horses. Ruffy had enough sense to look and figure things out. Harley just wanted out of there and tried spinning for home. After a lot of looking, standing, and urging, we got past the van and the turkeys.

Once in the woods, the horses stepped out, eager to explore the winter wonderland around them. We veered off down a side trail until we came to a posted gate. Once we turned for home, Harley broke into a trot and then canter, encouraging Ruffy to do the same. We pulled up once we regained the main trail, but once again, when we turned back, the "race was on". Ruffy did well out front, only due to the deep snow. Otherwise, she would have tried a quicker pace, and Harley would gladly have complied.

My wild man
Back at the barn, we toweled the horses off, let them cool down, and turned them back out for fun and games. I never get tired of watching their antics in the snow--the sheer joy of being able to spin and run, chase each other, and roll with abandon. Poor Rolex, missing out on the ride, had to make her own fun, galloping up and down the pasture hill until her friends returned.

Rolex, busy nibbling, Ruffy watching for carrots


  1. Look at all the snow up against the fence! Wow!

  2. Great rides on the sweet horses! You guys are sure brave racing through the woods. I envy your wide trails. I would end up being the headless horseman if I attempted fast rides on our trails. Oh, to live up there - except for the cold!!!! But your snow and photos are gorgeous and I know your horses LOVE it!!!


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