Sunday, January 13, 2013

A foggy day on the farm

Harley and Rolex watching

It was not a day to jump up and run out the barn for a ride. The yucky damp weather just didn't promise nice riding, so we had a lazy day at the barn. The gang stood by the fence, hoping we'd brought treats--something to ward off the boredom of chewing on damp hay. After cleaning stalls, re-arranging the tack room, tossing down hay, and other mindless tasks, we brought them in for spa time. First Ruffy, then Harley and Rolex.  John took Rolex for a little meander down the road, bareback, but since it was getting dark, and the fog was thick as peanut butter, he wasn't gone long. Harley got a mane trimming/thinning until his pal left. Then he was too antsy and wouldn't stand still. Once Rolex returned, everyone had dinner, alfalfa/beet pulp mush, and more carrot treats.
Please ma, can't I eat the whole thing?

Ruffy doing her head twist begging face--check out the fuzz on her chin!

Last week, John started some driving exercises with Rolex. She continue to amaze me with her sensible head space. Here's a filly, just a year and a bit off the track, pulling a rather noisy plastic sled around! She had one little spook when it slid around behind her, but she quickly calmed and continued on, even in the deep snow.

Second lap around the driveway

Off into the deep snow

And she just kept going--what a good girl!

Hopefully we'll get another snow storm to cover the icy, crusty stuff we have now. Then Rolex and continue her training and Harley can take me skijoring. These thaws never last for long!


  1. Adorable carrot begging photos of the sweeties! Good fun up there in the wild cold with sled pulling and barn tidying! Keep warm. I am freezing and I know we aren't as cold as you.

  2. Look at all that snow!
    Those two beauties, stabbing there, looking on, picture perfect!
    Rolex is so sensible...mine would just explode!

    Hang in....good work on rearranging the track room. I'm so cold, it's amazing I'm alive. Me and cold don't mix. But......I did ride today! First one in 13 weeks for us.

  3. BOO HISS, icy crusty snow! But KUDOS! to pulling the plastic sled! Now that is something I have tried to teach my brumby to do. She refuses to have any part of it! We have some furry, fuzzy chins abround here too! Adorable always!


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