Sunday, December 30, 2012

A frigid day on the farm!

Ruffy and Rolex
I have no idea what the temperature was this morning, but it was damn cold, especially with a wild wind howling. Snow devils swirled through the pastures, and by day's end, cornices formed on the snowbanks, and fingers of snow threaded out into the roads. But it was another fun-filled day at the barn. We turned the horses out to blow off some steam before Butch, our farrier, arrived. Harley can be a bothersome handful when he's antsy.  The girls went out first, kicking up their heels and playing tag. Then Harley joined in on the fun and the games began.

Harley, Rolex, and Ruffy
You can see why we wanted to turn them out before Saint Butch had to deal with them!

Harley having a good roll in the snow

I went down to Dunkin Donuts to grab us some hot chocolate. I knew Butch would like a hot drink--I can't imagine having to handle steel shoes and tools in this kind of weather. As it was, the tools were set next to a halogen lamp, preheating! While Ruffy got her front shoes, complete with snow-popping pads and borium, John took Harley out for a romp. But with his departure, Rolex began having a hissy fit complete with pawing, head tossing, and hay net twirling (her favorite game--I think she'd do well at tetherball). For once, Harley wasn't the misbehaving horse. Rolex wouldn't stand still while Butch tried to trim her feet. When John rode up, we swapped. He took hold of Rolex, and I went on an adventure around the property and down into the pasture. Once I turned Harley around, it was a mad dash for home. He thundered through the snow, back up to the gate, snorting, coated in white from his breastplate down. I felt like the "Marlboro (wo)man" ad.

After Butch left, we left them inside, munching on a little lunch, and went home for hot tea, dry socks, and a bite to eat. Then, back to the barn for some late afternoon riding. Well, John rode Rolex, I dug out the buried hose!

Rolex, levelheaded once out of the barn, took John out and about for a short walk. The fierce wind forced me to head back into the barn once I'd finished digging. The late sun slanted just over the trees, giving everything a golden glow. Everyone was ready to head inside for dinner. Vance and Gator waited by their gate, hoping it was hay time!

Vance waiting for dinner
The nearly full moon illuminated the snow-covered ground. I almost didn't need the headlights, but snow drifts filled parts of the roadway.

As I sit by the wood stove, the hot metal "ticking",  and listen to the wind still whipping around the house, I hope the ponies are snug in their beds. We gave them a warm mash of alfalfa and beet pulp with lots of hay. Still, I fret about them while John laughs at me. I know if they were in my back yard, I'd be out there now, in my jammies and boots, just checking one last time before I head to bed.

Tomorrow should be a bit milder, without the brutal winds. The rest of the week will still be  Carhartt coverall weather! Time to put another log on the fire.

Here's another attempt at a movie:


  1. I have been riding in this weather and I am amazed by how well the horses all navigate the snow AND do not seem fazed at all by the swirling, howling wind and snow all around them! Aren't they the most amazing creatures? Speaking of amazing creatures, aren't farriers hardy souls?? Good grief, I could not be a farrier in New England if my life depended on it! So nice of you to bring him Dunkin Donuts. That MIGHT make it worth it!!!!!!! Everyone sure looks like they are enjoying the snow in your neck o' the woods! Tea by the woodstove? Yeeeeeeah, winter around here is very special indeed, even if it can be a pain in the arse. Happy New Year to you and all of yours!!!!

  2. Riding in the snow is FUN! I love how well horses adapt to the cooler climate,rolling in the snow to fluff their winter hairs up :)
    Happy New Year!


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