Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rain rain, go away, come again some other day...

New Shoes!
Enough already! It's been a rainy weekend, beginning Friday, with no riding, but plenty of stall mucking! We went to the Dover Saddlery Tent Sale and stood in a cold, wet line, waiting to enter. I've described it to my non-horsey friends as the equivalent of the Filene's Bridal Dress sale, only for equestrians. Surprisingly, there wasn't much of a crowd Friday morning. And that made for much more pleasant shopping. We used lots of restraint, putting back things we didn't really need, although I did pick up a little red/black/white bat with a red "hand" on the business end for $4.49 because I thought it was fun, and every now and then, Harley needs a smack to encourage him to get out of reverse! I pawed through a pile of $19.99 girths and, unfortunately, went home with the wrong one! What I really needed were new barn shoes--my 7+ year old Lowa hiking shoes were worn out. So I picked up a pair of Ariat Terrains. They've been great so far!

John fed the ponies and turned them out at the crack of dawn--just barely dawn. He knew they were dying to get outside, despite the rainy weather. While he worked on a boat repair, I headed back out to clean stalls. Then it was time to go visit the gang.  Here they all are as I came down the hill.

Then they had to come see if I had treats. Suddenly, I was mobbed by horses! Here's Harley with his half portrait in a "artistic dry brush filter". It kind of goes with the soft, fuzzy light of the rainy day.

Where are the carrots, Ma?
The rain had let up, to just a mizzle. I was getting dripped on from the trees, and snuffled at by the horses. Silly me had showed up empty-handed! No carrots, no apples, not even a handful of grain. So I yanked up tufts of grass to show them I did appreciate their presence and willingness to come up to me. I've always thought it was such a pain to have a horse that was hard to catch, and I had my fair share at camp--old campaigners who knew what being caught meant--an hour of lessons and standing in the barn all morning. Rolex likes to play this game to a point, but if she hears the crunch of carrot, she's the first one by your side--the opportune time to throw a rope over her neck!

Nonplussed by my meager grass offerings, they ambled off, looking for something more interesting. It's hard to walk away from them. I could easily spend hours horse-watching. Each horse has such a unique personality. When you mix them together in a herd, the group dynamics are fascinating. I'm still not sure if Rolex is truly the boss mare she thinks she is. Lucky for Harley, his status is quite clear--he's the man, unless Vance wanders down along the fence line. Then the girls swoon!

Then the action began as Ruffy started to stir things up.

Catch me if you can, Harley!

First she tried to get Harley to play with her, then she got a little game of tag going with Rolex. When Rolex wandered off, Ruffy continued to crow hop, kick, and rear, burning up all that stored energy from being cooped up all night. It's great to see everyone feeling so good.

Can't catch us, Harley!

After a game of tag, it was time for a good mud bath. You can see where their wallows are--those open muddy patches along the fence line. Everyone had to partake in this ritual.

Rolex thinking: Ooo, that looks like fun, Harley.

Everyone will get a good brushing and hoof picking after dinner tonight!


  1. Oh! Living near a Dover store...dangerous!

    I've got those Ariat Terrains. Love em!

    There's something about wet horses that I love. Yours all looked beautiful!

    We are still dry and warm . But one'll start to be wet . I do like change though.
    Hang in !

  2. Oh I love those tag photos so much! I love to see horses acting like horses and having such space to run around and play! Almost as good as that is AN EQUESTRIAN TENT SALE!!!! I am sooooo jealous of that. Even if there were crowds I would be so happy! At least I know the Equine Affaire is coming soon--that's kinda like a tent sale!
    Those little curlie-cue braids make me laugh! So darling!
    Much rain here too, but we need it so I guess I can't complain. It IS hard to give up a day of riding though, that's for sure.

    1. I'm thinking about going to the Equine Affaire, but I'm not sure if it's safe (hah!) I'd love to check out a Smith-Worthington Trainer saddle. Have you been before? Is it like a tent sale--uh oh, I'm in trouble!


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