Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lazy long weekend

Despite the crazy, unpredictable weather, I managed to get some riding in, although none of my fall cleanup plans were completed. Once again, I frittered away my time with the horses. Poor John--I was like a 5 year old yesterday trying to get him to go with me. " Are you ready? Can we go now? Don't you want to go see the horses (again) and ride?"
Mind you, we had already been out to the barn in the morning to feed and release the ponies from their stalls after the previous night's cold rain. Here are some pictures of them in the field:

And she's off--it's Rolex, last to be put out, but in a big hurry!

Once Rolex was with Ruffy and Harley, the big chase ensued. Harley, trailing like the herd stallion, behind his speedy girls. Here's Ruffy heading into a big buck as she and Rolex tear around the field:

Let's get the Canada geese to fly up!
And yet another of the gang, still tearing around, but Harley is losing ground and tiring (just like he did at the track).

Hey girls, wait for me!
After the morning entertainment, it was back home for lunch, laundry, and other boring chores. But that would give the woods time to drip dry (good excuse for John to nap) until I could badger my partner into going back to the barn.

Clouds had overtaken most of the afternoon sun. Brief appearances made for a chilly afternoon/evening ride. And since the gang had spent most of their energy galloping around int he morning, it was a lackluster lollygag through the woods. Harley and Rolex competed for who could stop the most and go at the slowest pace. Although, this made it a perfect ride for more tree trimming. Ruffy is not very good at standing still while John lops branches from overhead. Rolex, on the other hand, is stellar! Who'd think a 5 year old OTTB would willingly stand still with branches raining down on and around her?  As you can see, it was rather dark under the hemlocks. Some day, when I can get a new camera, it won't have the dang automatic flash going off! It looks like we're out night riding when in fact, it's only about 4:30 p.m. This is the time of day when the deer are moving around. Harley and Rolex were convinced that something was out in the woods--hence her cute camel face. As long as John gave Harley a good head rub in his lap, he'd trust us to take him out in the spooky woods. A ride that we usually do in about an hour took an hour and a half with all our stops, starts, stands, and tree lopping. But since I'd ridden Harley the previous two days, I wasn't against making it a nice easy ride.

John, will you rub my ears?
Sunday was the NETSA Horse Show. I'd thought about going just to watch. Maybe we'll make it next year. At the pace Harley was setting today, he would do well in a western pleasure class (if they even had such a class). Although, he does have a tendency to carry his head too high--usually when he's afraid he'll be left behind and jogs to catch up! And Rolex could do a trail class--one where they open the gate, go over the bridge, open a mailbox etc. She's so unflappable, she'd ace it. Ruffy, well she's the jumper girl. She'd have to enter a baby green hunter class. With her lovely looks, and her willingness to jump anything, she just might have a blast (as would John). But I'm putting the cart before the horse! First we need a trailer, a truck to pull it, and Harley willing to get on the trailer. Old Eeyore might have a problem there, but one I'd like to solve!

Any recommendations on cameras from my fellow bloggers? I'd like one that can handle low light conditions with some manual controls.


  1. Your photos of the gang playing are terrific!!! The first one made me laugh as Rolex races down to be with her besties. Oh, they look so great in the pastures. Your trails are wonderful.

    No suggestions about the camera - I used to have a great camera for shooting artwork, but I can't take it to the barn and it is surely outdated now. My iPhone camera is really good enough for the blog stuff - not sure how it does in low light.

    1. Yes, I've got the big 'ole SLR too, but it isn't "horseback worthy". I'd like a compact one that has some manual controls, such as shutting off the flash. It's outdated too, but until I buy something else, it's all I've got.
      Thanks for the input.


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