Saturday, September 15, 2012

Two more days in the saddle

We sneaked in a little evening ride tonight after doing repair work on the fence. The wind blew, the acorns rained down, and the horses were all a little jumpy when they saw the fence construction. It made Harley and the girls snort, then wheel away. Under saddle, Harley was still feeling silly and when three dogs came running down the trail, he whirled and would have headed for home if brave Rolex hadn't stood her ground. She's such a good girl and brave companion to my poor little chicken.

Blandings Turtle in the middle of the trail

Yesterday, Anika and I took Rolex and Harley out for a ramble in the woods. Anika has ridden the trails enough now to begin getting her bearings. Just as Harley stepped over an odd rock, Anika noticed it was a turtle. I believe it's a Blandings turtle, a species thought to be endangered in our area. Hurrah for Harley--for once he picked up his feet enough to clear the turtle! He actually stood still long enough for me to get a picture (although his rein got in the way).

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  1. Whoa!! Look at that turtle!
    Now I'm surprised with life...just today at the stable, one of the boarders showed me her 3 turtles. They probably aren't endangered...but all as big!


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