Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Willkommen in Maine!

Anika on Rolex, John hiding on Ruffy in Tatnic Woods
Our barn owners have family visiting from Germany. We've spent the last three days taking Anika on trail rides around our neck of the woods. She's getting a chance to see September at its best with chilly nights and cool days. Today was the warmest in a while--we finally shed our jackets before heading out! And best of all, the low bug population has been great for the horses. We got a late start today, so we did use bug spray to keep the few mosquitoes and deer flies at bay.

We put Anika aboard Rolex, the safest and soundest of our three, and she's been an absolute doll. A borrowed helmet and chaps made things a little more safe and comfortable for Anika as our first 45 minute ride on Monday has quickly became an hour or two of adventure riding over the last 2 days.

Today we rode through the Tatnic Woods region and along the Nature Trail. Yesterday, we headed out to Jepson Farm and the quarry, and the day before that, the Lollipop Loop up through Orris Falls.

Here are some more shots John and I took from todays trip:

Harley and Rolex at the edge of Tatnic Woods

John wanted to take pictures at one of Harley's scariest points in the trail ride: the goats, the big rock, and the lady who lives up in the woods. As you can see from Ruffy's ears, even the trash cans warranted a close look, and they're sitting right in front of the goat pen. Yikes, Harley!

Ruffy peers at the big scary black trash cans!
Rolex maintained a level head--our sensible girl--and thought nothing of the trash cans, the rock, the goats, or the scary lady who lives in the woods.

Rolex being a good girl for Anika
Unlike he shall not be named--You want me stand here? In the middle of the road? With all these scary things here? You must be nuts--we need to get home, NOW!

Almost home, Harley
 But then something moved in the brush!

Harley: I'm telling you, there's something there! Rolex: What now, Harley, I'm hungry!

Yes, literally yards from home. I then some stones kicked up and pinged off a sign--his last fright of the day. As soon as I got him into the barn yard, he let out a big sigh and finally relaxed. What a character! I think this cool weather his making him feel snappy.

A man and his mare--Rolex having a snack.

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  1. So great of you guys to take Anika out. Rolex is such a good girl!

    Always adore your man, looking on his mare!


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