Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day is done, gone the sun...

We ended our vacation with an awesome 5 hour trail ride out to Mt. Agamenticus. The day was spectacular--sunny, warm (although chilly when we started), and breezy. John and I left the barn around 10:30 with Rolex and Harley, ready for a long day's adventure.

Taking a break on the Norman Mill Trail

The horses set a lollygag pace heading out, and every so often, one would stop so the other could take over being the leader. We came to the ATV/foot bridge and Rolex threw on the brakes. John asked, "Has she been over this before?" I replied, "I think so." Harley took the lead and bravely stepped out, with Rolex following. Every time he does something like this, or even just standing still when I mount him from some rock or stump in the puckerbrush, he gets a "Good Boy" pat from me.

We intended to go all the way to Mt. Agamenticus, but Rolex decided to play Guernsey Girl and wouldn't budge. I don't know if she'd just had enough, or didn't like the rocky dirt road. Neither did I so we were walking beside the horses at this point, but she refused to go forward, so we had to turn back. 

Somewhere in the woods in Maine
Sometimes I let Harley pick the route home. Today we tried that and if I had given him his choice, we might or might not be home yet. He turned left down an unused old trail which required much ducking and dodging. Convinced it would take him home, Harley confidently stepped out. I, however, did not have as much confidence, and it waned as he came to a spot where he wasn't sure where to go. Neither he nor Rolex seemed to know--so we turned back from his little detour.

When we passed through Orris Falls this morning, no people were out yet. On our return trip we saw and heard many voices down by the falls. The tiny parking lot was full, with cars parked along the road. Harley and Rolex checked out all the vehicles, looking at them with alert ears, wondering where they'd all come from.

Back at the barn, everyone had a nice chomp in the "Tenderloin District"--aka the back lawn with lush grass, before being turned out again. The wind kicked up and they cantered off down the hill for a game of tag and more grass. When John and I began cleaning up the top of the pasture near the barn, they all came trotting back up, looking for treats. John's shooting vest is perfect for holding carrots--just fill the shotgun shell bands with carrots instead! The horses mobbed John for a chance to grab a carrot.

Oops--Rolex got more than a carrot!

Ruffy looking for treats in the carrot pocket

After a long day with the horses, I came home to finish canning some pickles. My "day is done, gone the sun, from the lakes, from the hills, from the sky"---time for me to hit the sack!

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