Monday, February 27, 2012

How sweet it is!

We finally tapped the trees today! And the sap was spurting the minute we put the spiles in...a good year I hope. I still have some syrup from 2010 in the fridge, which is a good things since we never got to it last year. And last year's run was very short! I'm anticipating another short run this year given how warm a winter we've had. Maybe I'll try again to see if my southern bred horse will want to sample some maple sugar on his birthday. Harley wasn't interested in it last year--pass the carrots please!

After tapping the trees we made a run to the feed store. That swallowed up more of our precious daylight hours. Then we did stalls and John fussed on Ruffy.
At 4:45 he said, "Are you going to throw a saddle on that fuzzy boy?"

I figured by the time he was brushed and tacked, it would be 5:00, leaving us about a half hour of daylight. Ah, what the heck, he was a good boy the last couple of days in the gusting winds, a perfect gentleman with only a couple of minor spooks. I'll give him the day off, and anyway, he needs his feet trimmed. So Harley got a break, and may have the rest of the week off given the weather prediction: snow mixed with rain, yet again. I'm ready to throw in the towel on winter. Let's just get to spring at this point!

So John took Ruffy out back and gave her a little time on the lunge line. She was feeling good, and really wanted to go back to the barn to eat with her pals, but John made her do some circles.
John having a tête à tête with Ruffy

She wasn't too happy about working while everyone else was having dinner, but she made an effort.

All right, I'll go in a dang circle!

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  1. Your tree tapping sounds rustic, and fun and yummy. Another thing to be jealous of - not the cold though.

    Ruffy is gorgeous!


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