Friday, March 2, 2012

Winter's last hurrah

Oh the weather outside is frightening...
This is what it looked like driving out to the barn around 3:30 Thursday afternoon. There was a good 10 to 12 inches of snow and the storm had not stopped yet. I got out of work early, and would loved to have curled up with a book by the wood stove, but I had to check on the gang. All the horses were snug inside, but antsy to get out. Since it was getting on to dinner time, rather than letting them out into the field, I put each one on a cross tie with something to munch on while I cleaned their stalls. Then I went home to clear the drive way. I think I finally finished shoveling around 7:30 p.m.--my kingdom for a plow, or a snowblower!

Today was sunny and bright, giving the horses a chance to stretch their legs--a good thing since tomorrow we're slated for a wintry mix of sleet, rain, and freezing rain. Blah!  So much for our beautiful winter wonderland. And I had to spend it all indoors at work. Looks like I may never get on the cross-country skis this winter, bummer...


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  2. This comment, from John:
    "You can always hook Harley up to a plow! Once you got him in harness think how fast he would move! The snow would be flying, the wind in his mane, Yahoo!!! You might replace a few pieces of harness but other than that why not? If you can "snowplow" while skijouring, why not snowplow the drive?"


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