Monday, February 6, 2012

A spring-like day for a lovely ride!

Rolex in the winter sun
With the sun up until after five, we no longer have to rush around to get in a ride on Monday afternoons. The snow was melting today, and the sun beat down so warmly, I didn't need mittens or gloves. The blankets hung along the fence, airing out, and everyone was basking in the warmth. John arrived at the barn and saw Rolex down in the field with Ruffy standing over her. Fearing something bad had happened, he went down and checked her over, only to find she was just having a nice snooze in sun. And she didn't want to come up to the barn!

We ventured into Orris Falls (click on link to see what the trail looked like this time last winter) where we encountered slushy ice, snow, and even bare spots! It's hard to believe how little snow we have this winter. We rode up and over Spring Hill, doing the Lollipop Loop, encountering very little tricky footing due to all the melting. Something tells me we are overdue for a big storm. Winter isn't over yet, and we need some of the "poor man's fertilizer" to keep the water table up. Six more weeks of winter according to the groundhog!


  1. Lovely snoozing girl in the sun. Glad you had fun warm, mittenless rides!

  2. I agree with you! We've had 2 Valentine's blizzards in the past, and March used to be the deep and heavy snow month...then again, my Seth (the ultimate bird watcher) saw a Robin in a town by Lake Champlain today! But wasn't Monday's sun just a GIFT?! Ahhh....

  3. We're back in the deep freeze. Temperatures are supposed to go back into the single digits at night, and some snow slated for Saturday. Yes, Monday was a treat!


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