Monday, February 13, 2012

A pre-Valentine's Day ride for everyone

It was another day of firsts--two riders and three horses! I rode Harley and John rode Ruffy while ponying Rolex. They all did quite well, even on the icy trail. Ruffy tolerated Rolex alongside her while Harley followed along, except when the girls needed a jump start. Every so often, the fillies would stop and Harley needed to step up to the plate and march out front. A big hug to them all and special kiss on Harley's velvety nose for being such a good boy! I wish I'd had a picture of them all, parading up the road flanking each other.

Since John and I both have to work wire to wire tomorrow, we spent the afternoon riding and fussing with the horses, spending our "Valentine's Day" together a day early. Everyone got their special alfalfa/beet pulp mash, except Rolex Girl, our finicky eater. She'll only eat alfalfa dry, if you please! And I spent my last moments at the barn having a quiet "conversation" with Harley--he blows on my nose and cheek, while I murmur sweet nothings and breath back at him, inhaling his alfalfa breath telling him how good he is. No, our horses aren't spoiled!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous Valentines Day on the day before. And your horses are just as spoiled as most are. Too bad you don't have any pictures of the ride.


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