Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Rough & Ready, aka Ruffy, fka This Chic's Got It

The birthday girl Ruffy  with her bff Rolex
Today is Ruffy's real birthday, rather than the Jockey Club's official Thoroughbred birthday of January 1st. She's five today!

Here she is, hanging out with Rolex Girl, waiting to come in for dinner, but still enjoying the evening sun, high on the horizon at five p.m. (after the girls harassed poor Gator back down the hill). These two remind me of catty high school girls, sometimes--I feel sorry for the geldings!

Swiveling ears as I talk to Harley
 I took Harley out for a walk in the woods by Orris Falls. We could hear the water down in the chasm, but the trail alongside  is still to icy to ride on. So we headed up by the headwaters, crossed the brook (with no issues--good boy) and had a gander at the beaver pond. It's still almost entirely iced over except around the perimeter. No sign of critters, but Harley gave it a good once over.

We turned back, recrossed the brook, then hooked a right up to Big Bump. This trail hasn't had as much foot traffic all winter, so its not nearly as icy. Harley preferred to walk along the edges though, where he got better traction in the soft snow. He carefully picked his way over the icy patches, but was also keeping an ear out for deer. It was the time of day when he usually sees them if I'm not making too much noise talking and singing to him!

Today's warm weather made it really feel like spring.  I heard a raven up in the hemlocks, but never saw the bird. Pretty soon, I'm going to have to keep an eye out for ducks in the vernal pools and ponds. They always get a jump out of Harley when they fly up out of the water. This is my first solo winter ride when I actually tried to take pictures from atop Harley. He wasn't keen to stand still for long once we turned for home, but he was a good boy out there!
I know the deer are out there!

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