Monday, October 24, 2011

A new friend for Harley?

John and I went to the Suffolk Showcase sponsored by Canter New England on Sunday, featuring the trainer's horses for sale at Suffolk Downs. The season comes to a close on November 5th, so if anyone's looking for a good deal on a good horse, check 'em out!

Under bright sun accompanied by brisk weather, we watched a lot of lovely horses parade before our eyes. Gosh, if only I had the acreage to give more a home. But it was heartwarming to here people eagerly buying these beauties.

John singled out one he wanted to see--a big rangy 17 hand 5 year old gelding, Eddie's Point. We haven't decided yet, but John seemed pleased with what he saw. And of course, 'ole Eddie just wormed his way into our hearts (or our pockets for yummy carrots) with his begging antics. He gobbled up nearly all the carrots we brought that day. On the way home, we took a side trip to Dover Saddlery to see if they had any inexpensive 82" blankets on sale, just in case... I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! He is soooo beautiful! I hope it works out for sweet Eddie. His head is intelligent and the carrot nuzzling sounds like you would have yourself a sweetie pie for sure! He is the exact color of my boys.


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