Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another first for me!

With these short days, Harley is not getting as many workouts. But we're finally having a nice stretch of weather. I dropped John off at Nina's where they tested out his new Wintec Endurance Pro saddle. (The word is, it fit her perfectly and he loved it.)
I went over to take Harley out for at least an hour's ride. But first I had to get him. And where was the gang? Way down in the bottom field in the shade. So I walked down the road, cut in at the lower gate and enticed Harley over with carrots. Then, with halter and lead rope, I hopped on from the stone wall and rode him up to the barn--my first trip out on him bareback! I finally got up the nerve, and told him not to try anything silly (especially since I didn't have on my helmet). I've almost done this a couple of times, but chickened out, thinking what if he spooks? Well, I finally got over that obstacle, although I'd have to say, he doesn't have the back for extended bareback rides! We had a nice amble up through the lower fields with a little jog (I grabbed mane) up the last incline up to the barn. Thank you for behaving Harley!


  1. Oh, what fun!!! I love the idea of you hopping on bareback with just a halter and lead. What about the other horses? Were they inside the fence with you? Were you outside the pasture? I love that Harley is such a good boy. Happy, fun bareback amble.

  2. The rest of the horses just hung out at the bottom, munching on grass. And I stayed in the pastures--I'm not sure I'm ready to brave the road bareback and with a halter just yet. As it was, Harley had his moments on the ride that followed, spooking at a flock of mourning doves, squirrels, chipmunks, etc. He like to remind me to stay alert.

  3. Oh I am so envious of you being able to ride bareback. Each time I try it I feel like I am going to slip right off and go tumbling into the sand. You must be a very relaxed and mindful rider. Not everyone can be both at the same time! At least the weather has been cooperating for you a little bit. I;d love to see that saddle you mention. Do you have any pics?

  4. It wasn't much of a bareback ride, more of a stroll up through the pastures to the barn, supporting my laziness but also boosting my confidence. I figured if I came off, Harley had no place to go but back down to his buddies at the bottom of the hill!
    I don't have pics of the saddle, Colleen, but here's a link:
    John loved it the minute he sat in it! I ride in my ancient Crosby Mark VI--vintage, but still going strong after 30+ yrs.


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