Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's snowing like crazy!

John went down to Suffolk Downs today to watch Eddie's Point run in the 6th race. The poor guy had to run on a sloppy track in the icy cold rain! I'd hoped to get in a ride, but spent almost the entire day stacking the rest of the wood before the storm hit. Plus the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and broccoli plants needed pulling. Out of curiosity, I pulled one of our carrots (waiting for the frost to sweeten them up) and was amazed by the size! Nearly 12 inches long and and inch and a half in diameter!

By 4 p.m. it was starting to come down pretty hard, so I beat it out to the barn to get the guys in before they got soaked. Everyone got an extra scoop of sweet feed, fresh water, and lots of hay to keep their furnaces running through the night.

Now we're sitting here by the woods stove, listening to the wood pop, and sipping hot tea. I'm glad to know 'ole Gnarley Harley is snug in his stall, with plenty of hay, a pan full of chopped alfalfa, and dinner on the way. I hope Eddie is snug and warm too after giving his all today, even though he only came in 7th.


  1. I love our woodstove! I am not sure how people live without them, so I can totally identify with your scene. Pop Pop Pop!
    Aren't you glad horses have those furnace bellies? It sure makes me worry a lot less about them!

  2. Snuggly nights by the fire dreaming of horses - the very best!


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