Saturday, October 15, 2011

At last, no more rain!

Harley at "spooky corner"
The rain finally quit last night. Today dawned sunny and windy--a good day for getting laundry out on the line, canning beans, and going for a trail ride! Harley banged one of his knees earlier this week, so this was our first day back riding. The swelling had dissipated, and he wasn't lame. I thought we'd just take a walk and see how things went. He had his ears up, looking at tipped over inuksuk trail markers and watching for deer as we approached his "spooky corner". There are a couple of spots where he's encountered deer, so he anticipates them every time we come near those areas.

I chose to ride down by Orris Falls. After all the rain, the water is shooting through the chasm, enough to make Harley look askance down below. And this also made the usual water crossing a little difficult. Lots of water shushing down from the pond made Harley put on the brakes. It took a couple of tries before I got him across. At least he didn't try to leap it, like little Nina!

We went up and over Spring Hill, stopping for the view before continuing out to the end of the trail at Emery's Bridge Rd. Once again, he had to peer around corners like he expected monsters to get him. He no longer spooks at the huge boulders--I guess he's realized they haven't moved yet. Five crows flew up in the trail, and that gave him a start! We practiced stopping and backing, and just standing. He's getting so much better, although with each halt, he still has to peer around his shoulders to make sure it's safe.

We had a lovely ride on an awesome autumn day. Tomorrow, maybe will go a bit longer, keep it to a walk, and see how he does. Of course, once I turned him out tonight, he cantered down the hill to his buddies--"You wouldn't believe what I saw today!"

Summit of Spring Hill


  1. Hi! I have an award for you over at my blog. Please don't feel like you have to redo if you already got this award - I was late getting to it!

  2. Thanks, Juliette! I've so enjoyed reading your blog and sharing my experiences with Harley with the rest of the blogging equestrian world out there. Just wish I had better photos!


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