Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ah, a break from working on the house!

I've done all I can on the house until the roof and skylights are done. Time for me to get in some fun in the saddle. I took Harley out for a nice long 2+ hour ride on Saturday. This time I was brave enough to bring along the camera and tried my hand at taking pictures from atop my steed. He's not always the most willing horse to stand, especially if we're headed for home. As luck would have it, half of them were blurred from movement, but that's the beauty of a digital camera--no good, just hit delete and try again!

Here we are heading down the trail to the old Jepson farm. No, Harley doesn't have a purple fly net, but the flash went off, making it iridescent.  And all along the trail, mushrooms! You would love this, Colleen. Unfortunately, my pictures didn't do the 'shrooms justice.

Out by the Pike quarry, we came across a giant hemlock that came down in Hurricane Irene. Harley thought about turning back--we were blocked by a 10 foot wall of green. But I dismounted and he willing followed me down into the woods and around the tree. The great thing about quarries--old granite blocks are great for remounting! I do have to brag here--Harley stands so well when I go to haul myself back up on him. Pat, pat, good boy, Harley. 

This was a new trail I discovered off Cheney Woods Road. Click on it for a better view, but the sign said foot travel only. Does than include horse feet? We explored a bit of it, then returned to the road when it got too narrow, rocky, and steep. I may check it all out on foot first. Heading back up Cheney Woods Road, I saw another white blazed trail. Hmm...I wonder where that one goes? Maybe on our next ride, I'll find out.

On the trail past North Point, I pass this lovely place and wish it was mine. It's for sale with 65 acres abutting conservation land and awesome trail riding! But way too much money for me, sadly. So I admire it from Harley's back.

We got in a few more rides this weekend, one long one out towards Mt. Agamenticus, and a short one today. It was just too hot and muggy. But the good news is, the deerflies are abating. I'm looking forward to bug-free, cool fall riding, just around the corner!

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