Friday, September 23, 2011

Lesson Ride

Harley in his new bitless bridle
Off and on rain today, and limited time, made for a short ride. But John and I were anxious to try out Harley's new bitless bridle. I also got a much-needed lesson! I could easily stand to spend hours working in a ring, and many of them, without stirrups. I try to get away with just riding on the trail without stirrups, now and then, but both Harley and I could stand some schooling. John spent some time giving me a lesson and Harley discovered that without a bit, it's much easier to snatch at the grass! He seemed to do just fine with the bridle--a smooth enough transition.  Then we tried it out on Nina--she too seemed to do well with it. Come winter, I'll definitely like not having to put cold metal in his mouth!


  1. Oh, how wonderful!!! Harley and you look so happy! So great that Harley made the transition to the bitless perfectly. What a great horse you have there. Yes, grass snatching is a small price to pay for the gift you are giving your boy. I think how I would feel if there was a carpet of icy cold Coca-Colas in glass bottles lined up in front of me when I run (Coke is my "grass" weakness). It would be hard to resist so I don't get too mad at my boys for the occasional nibble attempt. I have even taught them that there are times for grazing when I stop and allow it and times that they may not graze while riding.

    Congratulations! Happy bitless days to you and your sweet boy!

  2. I like hearing about those bitless bridles. My friend who I ride with all the time uses a hackamore all the time--her horse never has a bit in her mouth. I don't use a bitless bridle but I must say, for my horse's sake, I am interested in bit warmers! They sound easier than shoving the bit in my shirt in January! ooooh, now that's cold!


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