Saturday, September 17, 2011

The riding vacation continues

After two long rides, we decided to do a short loop. Plus it was hot and steamy once again. Indian summer returned, bringing with it, voracious mosquitoes. Michelle arrived at the barn just as we headed out, so she grabbed Echoe, gave him a quick grooming, and jumped aboard. Dasher, always up for an adventure, trotted along with us, tail wagging, tongue lolling, ears flapping, and nose to the ground in typical hound fashion.
Dash & Echoe at the old quarry

Poor Echoe has fallen in love with Nina--he'll be sad when she leaves. But in the meantime, he's enjoyed her company. Our ride took us out to the old Jepson place and along the quarry. As we approached the quarry road, I heard heavy equipment moving and said, "I hope we don't hear the whistle. That means they're blasting."

No ground-shaking booms, and no mud wallows on this ride. We admired colorful mushrooms, enjoyed each others company, and laughed at our horses. Harley wanted to be right with Echoe (who wants to be right behind Nina), but he gives Nina quite a bit more space. I think she's enjoying her position as Queen Bee, having all the geldings go gaga at her.

I made Harley go out front (something he'd rather not do, the big chicken) for a bit. He bravely stepped into the giant puddle in the flooded woods road. Once we reached the other side, he gallantly went back to where Nina stood, still questioning the sanity of this, and showed her it was o.k.

We stirred up all the mosquitoes in the swamp and they followed us back through the woods to home. Thankfully the weather changed that night, bringing rain and cooling temperatures.

Yesterday we hooked up with Michelle again for another shorter ride, but one with a bit more speed involved. With the cold weather, came snappy-kneed horses. Everyone was keyed up, and ready to go. If Nina got between Harley and Echoe, he began jigging and grinding his teeth. It's like playground antics--who gets to play in which group. Echoe doesn't mind who's in front or behind, but he too was ready for a good romp. We had some nice trots and canters, with a few little bucks thrown in for good measure. The horses enjoyed the cool weather, and a nearly bug-free ride. Our next adventure? Well, probably another long, slow ride. That spunky little Arab, and long-winded Thoroughbred just keep on trucking!

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  1. Sounds like some fun riding - except for the bugs! Love to hear about the horses and their crushes.


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