Sunday, September 11, 2011

A nearly bug-free ride!

Wagon Wheel Rd. (the darn flash went off)
For the first time since last spring, we went out without the bug net. Now I can admire Harley's cute little ears! Some mosquitoes harassed us, but I only smacked about 3 deer flies on the entire 2 hour ride. The temperatures were cool, with passing clouds, just perfect for a walk in the woods. Here's Harley listening to kids voices down at the end of the road. Always curious about his surroundings, we had to stop so he could check out the kids. And then we saw kids chalk drawing on their driveway. "Oh look, a horse", they shouted. Once again, we had to stop and scope things out. But later, 2 dirt bikes and a quad bike, roared through the woods towards us. They kindly slowed down, but Harley wasn't fazed in the least! Who'd expect loud machines to not spook him, but stumps and large boulders are fierce monsters in his mind? Oh, and bicycles in the woods? He doesn't mind them in the least either. But then since we only have one horse, our other "steed" is the mountain bike. Harley considers it part of his "herd".

When we got back to the barn, the hay trailer was unloaded and stacked overhead. But the loose chaff on the floor was awfully enticing! While I untacked Harley, he gobbled up what he could reach before I turned him out in the back where he grazed for and hour on the "Steak House" grass.
Steak House lawn

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  1. Great ride without bugs and good Harley with the loud motor bikes. He is so beautiful!!! How lucky are you? He deserves some steak house grass!


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