Sunday, May 1, 2011

Harley goes on a picnic ride

Today's weather was perfect; light winds, cool, and sunny. Our Sunday adventure was a picnic ride with me aboard Harley and John on his mountain bike. This also offered us an opportunity to clear out some branches and establish the route in my head so I can ride it alone.
So with John equipped with a hand saw, and Harley with saddlebags, we set out through the woods. Once past the clear cut and across the stream, the trail's marvelous footing allowed for nice trotting almost the entire way until it ended at an abandoned farm. We rode past the house and up into the woods where the Jepson family cemetery offered a perfect picnic spot. We unbridled Harley and let him graze, although he was a bit agitated and kept looking back towards home. John had packed sandwiches in the saddlebags and while I munched, he walked Harley around--John saved his sandwich for later. We continued up Jepson Rd., a lightly used dirt lane, until we came to a fork. At this point, unsure where to go, Harley headed off down a faint pathway that came to an abrupt end. All the stopping, waiting, standing--not Harley's strong points, got him anxious and he began grinding his teeth. Once we turned around, he jogged nearly all the way back to the farmhouse. As John picked up speed, Harley decided to give chase, until--YIKES, a snowmobile under a tarp! He shied sideways, nearly losing me. Back in the woods, we speed-walked and trotted until we reached the tarmac. As always, Harley was happy to be home with his gang. It was a great ride, but we need to find a route that allows us to make a loop from the old farmhouse. The ever-intrepid John will explore further tomorrow! And next time, I'll bring my camera.

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  1. Good job staying in the saddle for that spook! And my, you have some wildlife near you, don't you? I'm glad Harley's run-in with the porcupine was not worse. :-) Also, Happy Happy Anniversary! They all mean something to me, and I do not think it's silly at ALL. :-) I see you have Exceller and TRF links posted; my Dream was at the Exceller farm and adopted through TRF. I hope you find the trails you need!


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