Sunday, May 29, 2011

Harley gets a day off

John wanted to work a young horse this morning, and given her separation anxiety, I tagged along to ride  her stable mate. The filly was full of the dickens, making a possible trail ride look like it might never happen. Once we got John aboard, I straddled the extra-wide gal (think stout quarter horse build), and we headed out. Both were a little spooky--I don't think the older mare has been ridden in over a year! I don't know if I was being foolish, or brave. It was kind of like reliving my old Intercollegiate Show days--get on a horse you don't know (and this time in a western saddle!) and see how it goes! After riding down a woodsy trail which involved much thrashing through the woods, we turned for home. 

I spent too many hours in the sun planting potatoes, squash, melon, cabbage, and carrots (can never have too many carrots). I threw in the towel around 4 p.m. and I still hadn't made it out see Harley. So I dragged myself into the truck, carrots in hand, and drove to the barn.
Harley had a little lunch while I groomed him and picked off ticks. As I brushed, I noticed how glossy he's become in the last week or so. All the winter fuzz is gone! And he's getting more fit with each ride.
Mr. Chow Hound, thinking about being outside with the rest of the gang, keeps trying to walk away on me. I put a rope up in the doorway so he'd think it's a stall guard. And what else are "stall guards" good for? To try and crib on--or just play with. What a silly boy!

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