Friday, May 20, 2011

Rain, rain, go away!

Hey Ma, where are the carrots?
It's now rained every day since last Saturday. My knee is still not quite healed up--if I have to bail out again, the landing wouldn't be pleasant. So if I'm going to miss out on riding, it may as well be this week. Each day I go out to the barn, Mr. Muddypants needs a good solid hour of brushing. If it ever warms up and dries up, Harley is getting a bath! I suspect the mud keeps the bugs at bay; he and Vance are the two pasture piggies.

Last night, I called Harley to no avail. I had to walk within 20 feet before he acknowledged my presence. But it took Vance's interest in my carrot bag to get him to move. Once Vance headed my way, Harley came at a trot--he's not going to miss out on a treat. When I left, I stopped at the bottom of the hill to give Harley a good night pat--he wanted more carrots.

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