Saturday, April 30, 2011

One Year Anniversary

Today is our one year anniversary of owning Harley. I know I'm being silly about this, but after longing for a horse my entire life, and then having my wish realized, I savor every moment I spend with Harley. Whether it's riding, or just picking ticks off of his body (they are horrible this spring!), I'd rather spend my my free time hanging out at the barn, just messing around, than anything else. Shoveling manure beats housecleaning chores any day. I think Callie Lou enjoys her time out there as well. To her, it's an extension of her home, and like us, Harley is now part of her pack.
Maybe I'll splurge on a gift for us--a halter nameplate with his registered name: Halawa Moon.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!!! Life is so much better with horses - so much richer. Cleaning the stalls, even picking ticks, riding - it is all so great! Good for you for realizing a dream. Enjoy!


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