Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another Sunday bike and ride

Harley tricked out for trail riding.

John and I saddled up for another Sunday bike and ride--he on the bike, me on Harley. John, armed with a saw, cleared out some winter blow downs (and made a few jumps), making the trail up to Orris Falls a bit better. I showed him the loop up into the Tatnic Woods, through the Nature Trail land, and home. A nice breeze kept the black flies to a minimum, but the ticks were voracious! I stopped and dismounted (Harley was being fidgety), waiting for John to catch up, and picked ticks off us. The nasty little varmints clung to our legs, heading for juicy territory.

Harley was having one of those, "Yikes, it's a boulder" kind of days. The irony is that the Tatnic region is full of giant granite glacial erratics. For an awesome picture of the biggest in the area, check out this link: Balancing Rock

 With John out front on the bike, we noodled down Emery's Bridge and Tufts roads to Three Maples Farm, where we have permission to cross the property and access Tatnic Woods. Harley nearly dumped me when he spooked at an old screen door against the stone wall. Close one, but I stayed on.

Once we hit pavement again, John detoured home on the road while Harley and I cut through the woods. It was worth the ride--a nice canter, some nice trots, and just as we reached home, a sharp-shinned hawk swooped near our heads as it veered back into a tree. Two days ago, I saw a red-tailed hawk, and last week, a broad-winged. I've got a new hobby--birding by horseback.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful ride. Good job riding out that spook! I wonder if there is a spray you would like that would deter the ticks..?

  2. Well, I succumbed to trying Equi-Spot. The question is do I risk Lyme and use something that doesn't really work; or use this stuff, with all its haz-mat warnings? It does work! I found 5 dead ticks on him last night. So far, no side effects (the vet said it usually presents itself as a rash), although I did stay clear of his head. Now, if I could only find something for myself!


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