Saturday, December 1, 2012

You know it's cold when...

There's snow on the ground and your horse finally needs a blanket. Actually, they are just wearing rain sheets. The temperature was in the mid-20's but I didn't want them getting too wet from the snow since they would be out for at least 4 hours.

The only sound is the shushing of snow on the oak leaves. This juvenile red-tailed hawk was surveying the field below, probably looking for some lunch!

You can see your breath in the barn and the propane canister is frosted.

Yup, another fun-filled day in the land of no power. I've lost count, but I think it's been 7 weeks since the barn debacle. The carpenters were working on the floor today, though, and the layers of sub-flooring are nearly done. We may be able to enter through the front by the end of next week! Oh happy day. This is especially important now that the snow is falling. The ramp was pretty slippery today when we brought everyone back inside.

The loggers took out more chunks for fencing to access felled timber and skid it to the landing yard. Oh my, what a mess it has become. They too were working today, taking advantage of the cold weather and frozen ground.

My day began with re-digging and re-setting a fence post then nailing all the boards back in place. I spent 7 hours at the barn and didn't even get in a ride! First, get the fence horse-worthy, then, turn everyone out. Ooo--boy, were they feeling feisty! Break the ice on the remote tub and refill, spread out 2 bales of hay. Then it was off to the feed store for grain and beet pulp. Lug the bags into the feed room, muck stalls, sweep floor, throw down more hay from the loft. Ooops, almost time to bring them back in again. Where did the time go?

Maybe tomorrow, I'll sneak in a ride between rain showers. Ugh!


  1. Sounds like my days use to be when I was running the livery yard at home. It's no wonder I stopped riding back then, I had no time and no energy for it. Hope Sunday is nice for you & you get a good trail ride in

    1. Dreary semi-freezing fog--ugh! No trail riding today. But tomorrow, when I get done at work at 1pm, and the temps hit 50, maybe then I'll throw a leg over Mr. Prancy Pants and get in a ride.


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