Sunday, December 16, 2012

White Christmas?

Well it's certainly turning white around here. The question is, will it last, or wash away with the impending rain? After a jaunt down to Dover Saddlery for some last minute shopping, we went back to the barn to try out new toys (baby pads--easier to clean) and a hay net for Harley. He likes to make a bed out of most of it, so I'm hoping this will save wasted hay.

John got in a brief ride with Rolex out back. He reported that the loggers left some nice trails. They also left a lot of slash in the pasture. I spent Saturday afternoon making 2 giant piles and had hoped we'd get the tractor out to really clean it up before someone got hurt. Too late--Harley cut his leg along the cannon, probably on one of the gazillion sticks laying about creating a giant tiger trap of a pasture. Our guys like to cut it up and run right through this stuff. Maybe once the weather settles, we can get out their and play pickup sticks again. Come spring, we'll have a couple of nice bonfires!

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  1. Beautiful photo!!! So sorry to hear about Harley's leg. Ouch. At least there are nice new trails.


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