Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun times in the corral

This picture was taken after their first night back in the barn.  They love to have a good gallop once they've been turn out from a night inside. They'd already done one lap in the lower field, and decided to come up and see what was going on at the barn. Our new ramp makes a great platform for taking pictures! And as you can see in the lower picture, our gate needs fixing too. The old place needs a giant face lift!

A nice roll in the mud, a good blow, and some water--in that order

We got in a short ride today, our first since the barn disaster. John had to go in to work at noon, so it wasn't too long, just enough to get the starch out of Harley and Ruffy. John rode bareback, but I'm still too chicken to do that except on the premises. Plus I didn't trust Mr. Spookypants! There he was, strutting down the road with his head straight up, just waiting for that pen full of turkeys to make him jump!

I spent the afternoon working around the house, raking up leaves, stacking wood and digging potatoes. The shoulder felt strong enough to do a  little wood splitting, but I'm leaving a few pieces for John. Anyway, by the time I stopped, I was reaching overhead to stack that last bit.

2 cords stacked
And then I started in on the small crop of potatoes we have at the house.  The garden yielded a small number, but check out the size of the giant Katahdin below! Bear in mind, these potatoes grew from last year's leftovers, not fresh seed potatoes. My grandmother would be proud of me! Va bene!

All organic--about 6 inches long and nearly 2 pounds!

For further reading on the garden and my life BH (before horses), check out my other blog


  1. Excellent spud!
    And a very impressive woodpile, too. Sounds like a good days work.

  2. OK, third time has GOT to be a charm! I have left two notes for you, and the first one may have ended up going to Martine, and the second one vanished altogether! So I have switched to Ole Reliable--my 400 year old desk top! IN ANY EVENT, just wanted to post about how beautiful and Fall-ish your pics are. So totally gorgeous, they represent everything that Fall is about from the spunky horses to the prim woodpile and the dirty potato! LOVE IT! Glad to hear your shoulder is in working order! And that the earthquake didn't topple you! We felt it too-the house did a shimmy, the dog ran ut from the bedroom barking and then POOF it was over.


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